Why the Expressive English Alphabet?

What is the Expressive English Alphabet?

This is a new alphabet designed specifically for the English language.

It’s used to write our language more phonetically.

At the moment, it can be very hard for children, teenagers and non-fluent speakers of English to learn how to read and write in English. The reason for this is because English has many crazy spelling rules, with many exceptions to those rules. It can be very confusing to learn. Because of this unintuitive spelling system, it can be very hard for those learning English to know how to pronounce a word when they see it written down.

So, in order to help our children to be more effective at reading and writing, to help those who need to learn English for professional and personal reasons, and to make our written language in general more reflective of real, everyday English, we have created a new alphabet with simple spelling rules.

If you go to the top menu, you will see the Alphabet page. This is where we have the full alphabet and explanations of how the Expressive English Alphabet works.

You can also go to our Read page, where there are some example texts written in our new alphabet.

You can contact us at the Contact page if you have any questions or suggestions.

We hope you become as excited as we are with learning and using the Expressive English Alphabet!